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The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program Blog: Fruits

July 29, 2014 - 0 Comments »

The ship has lots and lots of fruit offerings.  Lots healthier than the pizza and burger bar open till 3 am, yes?  Well, the answer is yes, but once again, fruit carries with it lots of sugar.  The healthy parts of fruit are vitamins mostly.  Heck, you can get those vitamins in a great tasting chewable vitamin that taste like skittles for 25 calories or pills with no calories.


Once again, I am not suggesting that fruit should not be consumed at all, but rather, that you focus on proteins and vegetables during your weight control efforts.



The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program Blog: Small Exercise

July 28, 2014 - 0 Comments »

“Big  Exercise” is the stuff that cannot be disputed…the 10K run, 50 mile bicycle ride, one hour (100 minutes for me each day to work off those desserts) on the elliptical….the gym clothes are, you sweat and this is dedicated exercise time.


However, every day also affords you the opportunity of small exercise…taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking the dog longer and maybe a bit faster pace, swimming a bit more at the pool instead of soaking in the rays on the lounge, etc.


Try to add on some of the small exercise every day, because in the aggregate, it becomes lots bigger and will help your long term weight control efforts.

The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program Blog: Day 2

July 27, 2014 - 0 Comments »

I have written entries before about not placing yourself into “all inclusive” vacations because of the human nature factor.  On the ship there is a food place that is open till 3 am.  Last night around 11 PM I wanted some ice tea and went to this place.  There were people lined up for cheeseburgers, hot dogs pizza and fries.  Remember…the entire  day, breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in an “All You CAn Eat” manner, yet, at 11 PM there were still bunches of people lined up.


The people on line were of two groups:  Teenagers, most of whom had that skinny teen age body thing going on and then the adults were pretty much all obese.


Along your weight control journey, pick vacations where you pay per meal or per snack.  I guarantee that if this 11 PM buffet line of derailing foods required people to take out a $20 bill, no line would have existed at all.

The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Blog: Cruising

July 26, 2014 - 0 Comments »

No, the title of this blog is not referring to the Smokey Robinson song.  (Not a bad duet with Huey Lewis and Gwen Paltrow)  It refers to the fact we are cruising.  I used to be somewhat secretive when I took vacations believing that patients would think that I have abandoned them, but as an older doctor now that preaches “balance”, I need to be more forthcoming.   Yes, your doctor is on a 7 day vacation.  So, I will use this week’s blog to detail my efforts not to put on 10 pounds.


First, my strategy for the past 2 weeks was to purposefully lose 5 pounds prior to the cruise.  Build “wiggle room” in the event I succumbed to all the buffets and pizza bars.  Well, success!  By eliminating all the “junk” I sometimes eat (oops…told a secret about me) I was able to get down to my freshman college weight of 156 pounds.


Yesterday, hmmmm…did not do so well….did have a lunch of a double cheeseburger but no fries.  NO alcohol at all for the day.  Did work out before leaving the house yesterday.  Dinner was good except for the rolls….poor choice.  Dessert?  Yep, did one of those.


Anyway, I will report in daily, with compete honesty as to what I have done from a dietary standpoint.  This is actually going to make me do better knowing tI have to fess up….Kind of like you are all my confession priests (or rabbi in my case(.


Catch you tomorrow…off to the gym.

The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program Blog: Responsibility

July 24, 2014 - 0 Comments »

I decided to sit at a McDonald’s this morning before work to have a soda (nope, not the McMuffin, McGriddles or anything with a “Mc” on it) and do some work on my computer.    When I ordered my soda, I saw that pretty much every item on their menu had a calorie count next to it.  Some of them were alarming (such as the McGriddle meals, that included the potato and the lowest calorie item I saw (besides a diet coke) was a small yogurt parfait with fruit (150 calories).  I started thinking how responsible it was of this chain to make it very blatantly clear to their customers how many calories they were shtupping ( a Yiddish word…all the Jewish people out there reading this are no doubt laughing very hard) them with.


Was McDonalds forced to do this by the government, much like all items at the stores need to have nutritional labels?  Probably most of you remember the movie “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock, in which the guy ate every meal at McDonalds for a month and everytime he was asked whether he wanted to “super size” his meal or drink, he had to say yes.  The guy gained a bunch of weight, saw his liver enzymes go very high and his cholesterol and blood pressure rose as well.


In all fairness, who eats every meal at McDonalds?  I do not believe the McDonalds folks themselves would recommend that people eat every meal there.


The rise of obesity in America parallels exactly the growth of fast food restaurants in our country.  By no means am I saying this is the only or even the most important reason.  But, it is, in fact, a reason for sure.  Why do we people go to McDonalds?  Because is is fast, cheap, and tastes damn good.  They also know how to coax the kids in with their happy meals, movie themed toys etc.


Are fast food restaurants not being responsible?  Of course they are….they are not forcing people into them, they clearly lay out the calorie counts and by no means are they purporting to be “healthy establishments”.  The finger needs to be pointed at parents that succumb to the pressures of making Mickey D’s and the rest of the fast food places the dinner place of choice due to hectic schedules.   Mickey is giving us what we want:  Fast, cheap, fills you up and tastes good.  The responsibility is on US.


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