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How Much Does Walking Help?

The calories burned off during a 30 minutes walk will vary from 90-200 calories based on the weight of the person and the pace of the walk.

May 22nd, 2019
Buffalo-Chicken Celery Sticks

These stuffed celery sticks make a perfect low-carb game-day snack. This better-for-you alternative to buffalo chicken wings has just as much flavor without all of the mess.

May 20th, 2019
Should You Rethink “Winging It”?

Even if you are not on a weight control journey, chicken wings most certainly provide a very unhealthy choice as an appetizer or meal. So, in answer to the question posed by the title: Should we ‘Wing It”? The answer is a resounding “NO”!!!

May 20th, 2019
“THANK YOU”, and “L’Chaim”.

Although this will probably be posted at some later date, I am writing this entry on the morning of our 30th medical practice anniversary event. I want to raise my glass and say “THANK YOU”, and “L’Chaim”.

May 17th, 2019
Do Individual Differences Matter?

The individual differences in response find their basis in genetic and environmental reasons. However, there are other factors involved as well. Success in long term weight control may require different approaches for different people.

May 16th, 2019
Is Convenience Derailing?

There are some things we can do to make it more convenient to follow the meal/snack plans necessary for weight control.

May 14th, 2019
Is There An Association of Obesity and ADHD?

Does ADHD impact on weight control? Numerous studies do show a correlation between ADHD and obesity, with there being an almost 4X more likelihood of obesity in ADHD-diagnosed people. Why does this occur?

May 8th, 2019
Whose Fault Is It?

I believe the answer is that “fault” is not really a concept to apply to the weight control arena. There exists both environment factors and internal factors that contribute to the relative ease/difficulty of controlling weight.

May 7th, 2019
Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas

Chicken and fajita veggies seasoned and drizzles with olive oil and then baked to perfection on a sheet pan. So much flavor and one of the easiest meals!

May 5th, 2019
Skinny Margaritas

Classic Skinny Margaritas made with just a few simple ingredients are the perfect cocktail with any Mexican food.

May 5th, 2019
Do You Bring a Shopping List?

If you are in a mode to lose weigh and keep it off, get out that paper and pen, write down what foods you need to be compatible with the SP Dietary Plan phase you are on, and only place those items into your cart.

Apr 29th, 2019
Does “IT” Work?

How much “work” are you putting into your weight control efforts? My point: “IT” doesn’t work unless you do.

Apr 24th, 2019
What Is The Best Salad Dressing?

Here is a good “rule of thumb”: The thicker the salad dressing, the more likely this will be less compatible for your weight control goals.

Apr 23rd, 2019
Can a “Nuisance Fee” Help?

So, how about a self-imposed “nuisance fee” to stop us from reaching for food/drink sources that we know will derail our weight control efforts?

Apr 22nd, 2019
How Can You Approach Theme Parks?

At certain times during a long-term weight control journey there will be challenging environments, such as theme parks. Perhaps a goal is to limit the damage that is being done but there are ways to keep the positive results occurring.

Apr 20th, 2019
How Not To Stress About Stress

To better manage stress, remember to meditate a few minutes every day. Daily practice has been shown to help improve your mood and lower blood pressure, which has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Apr 20th, 2019
What Opportunities Open Up?

Let’s turn our attention to the weight control arena: What “opportunities” does successful weight control provide you?

Apr 18th, 2019
Jalapeño Pea Mash Dip

You’ve got the green light to celebrate warmer weather! This simple spring snack contains a blend of fiber-rich peas and parsley with an added kick from jalapeño peppers.

Apr 18th, 2019
Are You Keeping Up?

So, the question for all of us: Are we “keeping up” with our families/loved ones on holiday gatherings, vacation excursions etc?

Apr 17th, 2019
Herbed Halibut & Spring Vegetables

Looking for a way to impress your dinner guests? Say bonjour to this recipe from the American Heart Association! Halibut and vegetables are baked en papillote—a French technique of cooking food in parchment to lock in flavor and moisture.

Apr 16th, 2019
How To Approach Holiday Weekends?

You can enjoy holiday weekends and not wreck your weight control efforts. There is nothing easy about this, yet, with the right mind-set and planning.

Apr 16th, 2019
Blue to pink and purple drink recipe

The magical concoction is made with natural blue tea (see Note) and refreshing lemonade for a fun science experiment. Perfect for your child's birthday party! (Adults may enjoy spiking their drink with a little vodka or gin.)

Apr 11th, 2019
What Is The Best Alcohol For Weight Control?

Alcohol is a major “derailer” for weight control efforts. However, when you approach the alcohol with a good game plan, your successful weigh control journey can remain unimpeded.

Apr 11th, 2019
What Happens When You Hit The Wall?

The “Wall” will be hit numerous times during your long-term weight control journey. Accept this and use my blog entry today to help navigating around the “Wall”.

Apr 9th, 2019
Flavored Water Recipe

Detox Water otherwise known as flavored water! These combinations are perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their water drinking habits!

Apr 7th, 2019
Should You Carry Water?

Your weight control efforts will be helped by consuming lots of water and having a good water bottle will aid your mission to keep the water intake 64 ounces a day or greater.

Apr 7th, 2019
Can “Deals” Impact on Weight Control?

Here is a very good deal: Follow the SP advice of high protein/high vegetable-low carbs/low fat/low fruit/low alcohol and you WILL have a much greater chance of a longer, healthier and happier life. Now, that is a GREAT DEAL!

Apr 6th, 2019
Leftover Protein & Serotonin Boost Soup

Soups, all green veggies and any foods with a high water content count as high-volume, low-calorie foods that will help to stay longer satiated. Add protein to your a big pot soup to eat all week following the big weekend feast.

Apr 4th, 2019
Gas In Your Tank?

One of the “tools” that is helpful in your quest to follow a high protein/low carb dietary plan is that gas grill sitting on your deck, driveway or patio.

Mar 31st, 2019
Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar plank salmon with freshy ground pepper and fresh dill that you can cook on the grill or in the oven. This delicious salmon recipe belongs in a restaurant and is sure to WOW your dinner guests and a great meal for Phase One dietary plan.

Mar 26th, 2019
Should You Stay On Your Plate?

During your long-term weight control journey, try hard to “stay on your plate” and not do the “reach over” thing, especially when it comes to those high carb/high fat laden kids’ meals.

Mar 26th, 2019
Does Anger Lead to Weight Gain?

Assess your “anger meter” and if you find you run angry lots of the time, take the steps needed to lessen that anger. Your weight control efforts most likely be more successful.

Mar 25th, 2019
Vegetable-Stuffed Baked Eggplant -Vegan

This vegan eggplant recipe stuffed with a mixture of lightly seasoned cauliflower rice, sautéed mushrooms, and other vegetables. It's easy to make! Don't limit yourself to the vegetables for the stuffing - any vegetables will work!

Mar 21st, 2019
Zucchini Hummus recipe

This vegan hummus recipe is very frugal, being made entirely of zucchini and sunflower, with just a touch of tahini and very little olive oil. It really looks and tastes like hummus, especially when garnished with spices, herbs and a drizzle of olive oil.

Mar 21st, 2019
Are You a Stand Up?

When I hear the term “Stand Up” I immediately think about comedians that perform live at a comedy club or other entertainment venue. However, today I want to discuss the issue as to whether the “stand up” desk at work is healthier for people than sitting

Mar 21st, 2019
Are You a Morning Person?

The typical morning person wakes up early and then beds down not too late at night. Where do you fit into these different classifications and from a weight control standpoint, does it make a difference.

Mar 18th, 2019
What’s Nu?

Successful long-term weight control brings lots of “New” and it is almost always the good type of new. From the new, stylish clothes, to the younger look, to the new energy to a new state of not having as much joint pain. Nu? Are you ready of the NY?

Mar 16th, 2019
How to dress for your New You season this Spring 2019

Spring is technically here in several days. And with warmer days ahead, it is important to plan our wardrobe: Putting together cute spring outfits can honestly be a little tricky. How to look your best and compatible with your weight control efforts?

Mar 16th, 2019
Does Vitamin B-12 Cause Weight Loss?

The bottom line: Periodic Vitamin B-12 injections are not harmful but there is no evidence to support giving Vitamin B-12 to people with normal levels help them lose/control weight.

Mar 14th, 2019
Energy-Boosting Recipes Rich in Vitamin B / Part 1

B vitamins are essential for growth, development and other important bodily functions. Deficiency of certain B vitamins can lead to serious conditions, from anemia and fatigue to depression, respiratory infections and birth defects.

Mar 14th, 2019
Energy-Boosting Recipes Rich in Vitamin B/ Part 2

While B-complex supplements are often easy to spot in drugstores and health food shops, it’s possible to obtain enough of them by eating a balanced diet. Try these recipes to balance your B vitamins.

Mar 14th, 2019
Do Low Carb Diets Cause Atrial Fibrillation?

Poor weight control leads to: diabetes, heart disease, cancers, chronic pain, sleep apnea, early death and a bunch of other serious stuff. The “ticket” to weight control is a high protein/low carbohydrate dietary approach.

Mar 9th, 2019
Shedding Some Light On Weight Control?

We will change the clocks ahead for the spring this weekend. Start gearing up to take advantage of the later sun downs and use the light to your weight control advantage.

Mar 7th, 2019
Spring Broccoli Salad

Bring some springtime sunshine into your cooking. Feel renewed with our light spring recipes and colourful meal ideas.

Mar 7th, 2019
Can Childhood Events Affect Weight Control as Adults?

Why am I posting this information in an informative weight control blog? Over the years, I have had many patients tell me that to a large extent, their weight control problems/angst/anxiety was caused by parents hounding them about their weight.

Mar 5th, 2019
Can You Soup Yourself to Weight Control?

Soup can be a good addition to your quest for long-term weight control, but strive for the ones that provide lots of protein/vegetables while minimizing the carbs and fat. That’s the soup….oops, I mean scoop.

Mar 3rd, 2019
How Can Options Impact Weight Control?

Choosing between different paths/actions implies that there are options available. So, let’s now move the concept of “options” to your long-term weight control journey.

Mar 2nd, 2019
Does Eating Alone Affect Weight Control?

During your long term weight control journey, take a step back and examine whether your eating behaviors are different when alone as opposed to being in the company of others.

Mar 1st, 2019
Mom’s Traditional Ukrainian Borscht Recipe

How to make traditional Ukrainian borscht. This traditional Ukrainian borscht combines the earthiness of beets with the freshness of dill and other vegetables. Beetroots have been linked to improving poor digestion by exciting the nerves in the intestines

Feb 27th, 2019
Is Sex Better With Weight Control?

Okay, I know I have your attention now. Controlling weight provides a whole bunch of positive physical and psychological benefits. Count a better sex life as one of these benefits.

Feb 27th, 2019
Beet Salad with Walnuts and Prunes Recipe

Beets benefits for your health, from losing weight to better sex. Beets help you detox and lose weight because they contain no fat and are a good source of dietary fiber — half soluble and half insoluble.

Feb 27th, 2019
And The Winner Is?

Okay, time to show my age so here goes the rant: The Academy Awards was so disappointing. I remember how much fun this show used to be when the host for the night was a Bob Hope, a Johnny Carson, a Billy Crystal, a Whoopie Goldberg and even the Family Guy

Feb 25th, 2019
Frank Sinatra's Eggplant Parmigiana

Though we can’t all be huge stars like Frank Sinatra, that doesn’t mean we can’t eat like them! Over the years, tons of our favorite celebs have revealed what dishes they like to make when they hit the kitchen.

Feb 25th, 2019
Dinner Movie Star's Recipe

This is a great bison steak recipe that will make any family dinner feel famous. This recipe is great if you want a change from the norm for dinner. It takes less than an hour to make. Make this dish for an upscale dinner party or just a family dinner.

Feb 25th, 2019
Homemade Chicken Stock

There’s no comparison between homemade chicken stock and stock poured out of a can. The flavors are much deeper, and the quality of nutrients far surpasses anything you’ll find wrapped in aluminum. Don’t be intimidated by a making your own stock.

Feb 21st, 2019
Does Entropy Affect Weight Control?

Without focus, planning, structuring and “management”, weight control will spiral into chaos, i.e. weight will go up. To lose weight and maintain that healthier/happier weight, we all need to put “order” into our universe.

Feb 20th, 2019
Snow Day...A Recipe for Weight Gain

I guess we could not get away from an entire winter without another weather event that closes things down. The description above sets the stage for a potentially VERY derailing weight control day:

Feb 19th, 2019
The Cabbage Soup Recipe

This home made cabbage soup will compliment your weight loss week. This recipe is low in calories and high in finer. Do not forget to add enough protein during your week to balance your SP dietary plan.

Feb 18th, 2019
Parmesan Garlic Veggie Fries

These Parmesan garlic veggie fries are a tasty side dish or snack and a healthy change from potatoes. Oven roasted and topped with salty cheese make these a delicious and healthy dish!

Feb 18th, 2019
Can Combinations Be Broken?

There are a number of “traditional combinations” that need to be broken up during your long-term weight control journey. Divorcing the fries from the burger won’t cost you any legal fees.

Feb 17th, 2019
Weight Control and Substitutes

Going out to eat should not be stopped because you are on a long term weight control effort. However, be proactive in ensuring that the meals you order are as compatible as possible with high protein/high vegetable-low carb/low fat/low fruit.

Feb 17th, 2019

Easy One Pot Authentic Hungarian Goulash Recipe is a hearty, earthy, and meaty stew that brings authentic Hungarian flavor in an easy one-pot stew the whole family will love!

Feb 15th, 2019
Meatball Recipe without breadcrumbs

Healthy Turkey Meatballs Recipe without breadcrumbs baked in the oven until juicy inside and golden outside. So easy, double the recipe and freeze.

Feb 12th, 2019
Bread Substitute Recipe

How to substitute bread that will be compatible with the Serotonin-Plus Dietary Plan and will taste good. Here it is! This is 40 cals bread substitute recipe it’s a good fill in if you’re looking to cut some calories, carbs or just for something different.

Feb 12th, 2019
How Does Your Weight Control Efforts Impact on Others?

The impact on others? Not that you have any obligation to be a “Role Model”, but given the 70% overweight/obese prevalence in our population, there is a great chance others observing your efforts may be impacted in a very positive way.

Feb 11th, 2019
Slow Cooker Chicken Chilli

If you own a slow cooker, you know it’s probably the most convenient and versatile device ever created. (And it’s the perfect way to make great-tasting meals without being in the kitchen for hours!) Tonight, enjoy our slow-cooked chicken and lentil chilli.

Feb 2nd, 2019
How Can You Avoid The Super Bowl Damage?

For those of you trying to achieve lower scale numbers, this one day of indulgence may derail your entire week of focused/disciplined work to have the weight go down. How can you avoid the “Super Bowl Damage”?

Feb 2nd, 2019
Healthy Side Dish Under 300 Calories

Traditional side dishes like fries and wings can be made healthier by paying attention to the condiments and toppings used and baking them instead of frying. Here is, a lighter classic side dish recipe for you:

Feb 2nd, 2019
Does The Sense of Taste Affect Weight Control?

Turning our attention to humans, is it possible that a lower number of taste buds present in overweight/obese people cause this population to seek sugary/salty/tasty foods in higher amounts/higher concentrations due to their lower abilities to “taste”?

Jan 30th, 2019
Can You Find Fun In Exercise?

Try to find your “fun” niche in the exercise world, and when you do, you will find yourself not turning off the alarm clock, staying in bed and thinking of excuses why you cannot exercise that day.

Jan 19th, 2019
Wedding Meatball Soup

Most Italian Meatball Soup recipes contain crusty bread and orzo pasta in addition to the meatballs and veggies, so in order to ensure your best weight control results we’ve left those high-calorie, high-carb ingredients out of this delicious recipe.

Jan 15th, 2019
Is The Path To Long Term Weight Control Linear?

The point: Do not allow a difficult week when weight gain occurs to completely through you off course. Get back on the wagon, regain your focus/resolves and move forward aggressively. That mind-set will help you get to that much healthier and happier w

Jan 10th, 2019
Do The Winter Blues Affect Weight Control?

The holidays are over....If you find yourself spiraling into SAD feelings, take the steps needed to come out of it. SAD will turn into more sadness if weight gain occurs during these months. We are here to help! Read More

Jan 7th, 2019
Is a Fresh Start Needed?

Long-term weight control requires SUPPORT. Let’s all try to not fall into that cycle of “New Years Resolution” to control weight and then that falls by the wayside. We are here for you to help!

Jan 2nd, 2019
Apple Cheesecakes - No Bake directions

Treat your family and friends to some-thing sweet this season. This recipe pulls together our tips to bake favourite cookie recipes that are sure to please. If you can make a basic sugar free cookie, you’ll love how surprisingly easy it is to make.

Dec 27th, 2018
Are There Rewards For Being Overweight?

Try to think of the “rewards” you receive from a weight control situation you are not happy with, evaluate the risks, take the necessary actions to achieve the rewards that come along with effective weight control. There is NO risks w/ a healthy weight!

Dec 27th, 2018