And The Winner Is?

Okay, time to show my age so here goes the rant: The Academy Awards was so disappointing. I remember how much fun this show used to be when the host for the night was a Bob Hope, a Johnny Carson, a Billy Crystal, a Whoopie Goldberg and even the Family Guy, Seth McFarland (if you want a really good laugh and do not get offended easily check out the link at the end of the blog for McFarland’s song at the show he hosted). Last night, due to the exit of Kevin Hart (amidst some allegations of slurs), the show did not have a host at all. I always thought that the most entertaining part of the Academy Awards was the host’s introduction and comments as the show proceeded.

Okay, this is not a TMZ column so what does the Academy Awards have to do with weight control efforts? Here is my question for you: In the movie of “your” life, what actor/actress plays you in that role? When I ask people this question, there usually is a pause before the answer comes. Sometimes the pause is because the person I am asking may be too humble to name some really glamorous actress/actor such as Julia Roberts, Angela Bassett, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Chris Pratt, Idris Elber etc.

Regardless of our weight, we all would love to be “played” in the movie of our lives by a leading woman or man, and not the “supporting” actress/actor, often providing the comic relief. Successful long-term weight control provides a much better chance of living longer, being healthier, looking younger and looking amazing on that Red Carpet in that beautiful outfit.

The “Winner” is YOU when you remain focused on your weight control efforts.

And now, for the (offensive) song that produced more horrified audience looks at the Oscars than ever before, here goes, courtesy of the Captain of the Orville:

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