Chips and Dips

Popular pre-meal appetizers or snacks include various forms of “chips and dips”: Chips and queso, chips and guacamole, chips and salsa, chips and onion/sour cream, chips and artichoke dip, etc etc.

Many Mexican/New Mexican-themed restaurants offer up the chips and salsa free of charge whereas the chips and guacamole and cheese dips tend to cost several bucks. The “usual” at these restaurants is to enjoy a “themed” cocktail such as a margarita and crunch down those chips.

Clearly, the inclusion of “chips and dips” to a meal will not be a helpful choice during your long-term weight control journey. There are several reasons for this: 1- The nutritional contents of the chips (carbs and fat) and the dip (fat and carbs) are not exactly “Phase 1 protein” material and 2- Chips fall into that category of “small, repetitive food sources in that we tend to underestimate how much we eat. During the course of dinnertime conversation the “hand-to-mouth” behavior of eating chip after chip will result in much more being consumed than intended.

Another issue involves the choice of drinks when eating these various chips and dips: it is very usual to have alcohol as a part of this picture. The alcohol provides yet another derailing contribution to the meal that is about to occur.

The bottom-line for “chips and dips”: Stay away

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