Diet and Exercise

We were at a health fair last evening at Lifetime Fitness across the street from the office. I exercise daily, but I do this first thing in the morning (okay, first “thing” is actually writing this blog!) but I do this at home before work. Last night I was shocked to see just how many people get to the gym and do their exercise late afternoon/early evening before their dinners. The place was absolutely packed with hardly any open machines for aerobic exercise.

I did see quite a few overweight/obese people at the gym and I could not help my “doctor” nature in thinking about whether these people are also addressing the “other end of the equation”.

Here is what I am referring to: We have always been told that to control weight we need to “diet and exercise”. This makes it seem that there is a fairly equal equation, meaning that the significance of each is the same. The truth is however that the dietary part of this “equation” is a much more important contributing factor than the exercise. Think about this for a second: How long does it take you to burn off 1000 calories running, sweating and feeling every stride on your knees/feet? Depending on your pace, this may take well over an hour. Now, answer this question: How long does it take for you to eat a hot fudge sundae with nuts, probably containing 1000 calories? For most, this is consumed in less than 10 minutes.

So, the point: Exercise is a GREAT thing to incorporate into your weight control journey BUT do not fall into the mental trap of thinking that just because you kicked butt with an aggressive exercise you can go home and start eating the food sources that placed you into a poor weight control situation in the first place. You must continue to follow a high protein/high vegetable-low carb/low fruit/low fat dietary approach as well.

The marquee feature of successful weight control long-term is adhering to the proper dietary plan. Exercise is a great contributory factor but for most, this alone without a smart dietary approach will just not “do it”.

Dr. Robert Posner One of the world’s leading medical weight loss researchers, Robert Posner, MD, operates his state-of-the-art weight loss clinic, Serotonin Plus, in the heart of Burke, Virginia, in the suburban Washington area.

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