Do Notifications Help?

During the Serotonin-Plus Weight Control Program we have a protocol of taking our serotonin supplements/prescription medication at certain times, eating three meals a day and getting in snacks. Remembering to do all of these daily is difficult, especially when we all have so many other “taskings” required during our very busy days. Between our home and work responsibilities, there is precious time to focus on ourselves.

For those of you that are not required to shut your phones off during the workday, I suggest you make use of one of the features of your smart phone that can help: the alarm feature. Program the alarm to buzz you when it is time to take your supplements, remind you to take that lunch break and also ping you to get those snacks in.

Juggling all of the things we all must accomplish during the day is very difficult. Adding structured eating patterns to that list is not an easy task. However those addictive things we all carry as another appendage can be used for positive purposes to help us control weight. And that refers to the alarm feature, not “LOL-ing” in group texts or watching cat videos on Youtube.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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