Do You Bring a Shopping List?

One of my Sunday morning routines is going to the Giant supermarket near my house for my weekly food shopping excursion. Yesterday, I performed an informal study. As I was going up and down the aisles I kept track of the number of people I saw that appeared to have a written out list and those that did not. Additionally, I tried to break this down as well to how many overweight/obese people seemed to referring to a list.

Here goes: I saw 62 people shopping, 42 of who appeared to be overweight/obese (this is close to the national prevalence of 69% overweight/obese). Of the 20 non-obese people shopping, 1 out of the 20 appeared to have a list. Of the 40 overweight/obese, 4 appeared to referring to a shopping list.

So, in my very informal study on a Sunday in April: Only 10% of overweight/obese people were utilizing a written our shopping list as they made their rounds. According to Dr. Posner ranting and raving in these blogs, 100% of us should be preparing a shopping list. Me? Guilty as charged…no list.

Having the “right” types of foods in the house is essential for long-term weight control success. Making spontaneous decisions as we stroll the aisles will produce a higher chance of having those derailing food/drink sources at our fingertips.

So, the bottom line: If you are in a mode to lose weigh and keep it off, get out that paper and pen, write down what foods you need to be compatible with the SP Dietary Plan phase you are on, and only place those items into your cart. And, beware: You never know when your Doctor may be lurking in those aisles waiting to see if you are heeding his advice!


Dr. Robert Posner One of the world’s leading medical weight loss researchers, Robert Posner, MD, operates his state-of-the-art weight loss clinic, Serotonin Plus, in the heart of Burke, Virginia, in the suburban Washington area.

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