Does Anger Lead to Weight Gain?

Anger is an emotion we all feel at times. However, some people feel a sense of anger and hostility more often than not. Additionally, some people are triggered into feeling angry much quicker than others. Do “angry people” have a more difficult time with weight control? Is there any truth to the term “hangry”?

A French study over a several year period did confirm that people that self-rated themselves as highly angry did, in fact, show a higher propensity to over eating and weight gain. The conclusion of the study was that anger, being a highly charged emotion, triggers what we have all heard as “stress eating” or “emotional eating”.

Eating high sugar/high carb foods is an immediate gratification. Often when the body/mind is under stress, almost instinctually, we reach for some positive stimuli to offset the negative. The most immediate thing on hand to accomplish this positive stimulus is a great tasting/satiating food source.

One of the ways of combating this “anger leading to eating” behavior is to try to lessen the anger. One way that works for me personally is to avoid watching the news shows when I am working out. No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, it seems that every news network feels that is their job to get their viewers angry. Watch a good movie or show instead. For those commuters out there angry at the D.C. area traffic, rather than listening to hard rock or rap, put on some audio book. Post-work, consider a drop in at the yoga place to place an end of the day “Namaste” on yourself. And, here is a major one: try to conduct your vehicle registration business online as opposed to going to the DMV office.

Assess your “anger meter” and if you find you run angry lots of the time, take the steps needed to lessen that anger. Your weight control efforts most likely be more successful.

Here are a few tricks to calm our hunger:

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