Does Size Matter?


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Okay, now that I have your attention based on the title of this blog entry, the “size” I am referring to concerns the portions of food you consume.

The food groups include:

Carbohydrates (grains)

Some items we eat/drink actually contain a combination of these food groups. For example, nuts contain protein and fat, a dairy item such as Greek yogurt may contain protein and dairy and a vegetable sources such as corn has some carbs as well as the vegetable component.

Focusing on weight control, protein sizes (portions) should be very high and this holds true for vegetables as well. However, the protein intake seems to be more important so for those people out there that do not like vegetables, there is no need to force more of those in. However, protein seems to jack the metabolism up so we want the “size” of your protein intake to be large. Fat intake, even to a large extent, can also be large and people still lose weight. Dr. Atkins advocated weight control with high protein/high fat but a lesser-known doctor, i.e. Posner recommends high protein/low fat.

The size of the carbohydrate and fruit intake does correlate inversely with weight loss, i.e. the higher the intake of these food groups, the less weight loss and more likely to be weight gain occurs.

So, the answer to the question posed: “Does Size Matter?” Yes with certain food groups and no with others.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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