Does Success Beget Success?

Does Success Beget Success?

Think about whether you have experienced this scenario yourself: The desire is present to lose a good amount of weight, perhaps 20 or more pounds. You start the journey knowing pretty much what you need to do: Embark on a dietary plan favoring proteins and vegetables and at the same time, limiting dramatically the amount of carbohydrates, fruits and alcohol. You may also consider increasing the amount of exercise you are doing.

So, the journey begins, you follow the plan pretty well for the first 4-5 days, “fall off the wagon” for 1-2 days, get on the scale and see that the weight did not budge very much. The next week, the same pattern takes place: “tow the line” for the majority of the week, come off the plan for only 1-2 days and once again, the scale does not show aggressive weight loss.

After repeating this pattern for several weeks, the eventual result is what I term the “Give Up Mentality”. Without seeing real results, the frustration will culminate in the eventual abandonment of all efforts.

One of my observations over the past bunch of years of doctoring is that once people start seeing real results, this empowers them to become even more steadfast in their efforts. This results in even more aggressive weight loss, and that further motivates: the cycle goes on and on in a very positive way. Basically, “Success Begets Success”

If you find yourself in this “plateau” phase where the weight is not coming down and frustration is setting in, try very hard to follow our SP Dietary Plan Phase One for several weeks, with no exceptions. That should jump-start your results resulting in the “Success Begets Success” cycle that ultimately results in you being able to reach your total weight loss goals.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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