Excuses and Results

I was playing around on Mr. Google this week looking at inspirational quotes for people trying to control weight. Some of the quotes are soft and positive, others were kind of harsh and critical. There clearly is a very fine line I must walk as a physician trying to help my patients. By “fine line” I am referring to the fact that my team and I must always remain positive, supportive and always motivate our patients during their journeys. However, if weight is not coming off, we do need to “push” our patients a bit to be more focused and more adherent to the plan we have provided them.

The quote I want to bring today falls under the more “harsh” category: EXCUSES DON’T GET RESULTS”.

During our long-term weight control journeys, there will be multiple reasons why the person has gained weight as opposed to losing weight. These reasons include:
I am stressed out
I had business travel
I had visitors for the weekend
I am sick of eating eggs in the morning
The list can go on and on and on. Please notice I referred to these bullet points as “reasons”, not as “excuses”. But, what is the difference between a reason and an excuse? Both fall under the category more or less of “It wasn’t my fault.” I believe “excuse” sounds a bit harsher as we tend to ascribe “excuse” as someone looking to get out of doing something. “Reason” tends to be interpreted more of a situation outside our control that causes some action (or inaction) to take place.

There are many “reasons” why it is so difficult to control weight. There are many “excuses” we can come up with to explain why we cannot get to the gym, follow the dietary plan, etc.

Analyzing the reasons why a negative outcome occurred in a particular week (on the scale) and then taking corrective actions the next weeks, months years are the steps needed to increase the chances of long-term success. The important point here is identifying the corrective actions that can be enacted to offset those reasons/excuses.

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