Favorite Foods

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If you were to make a list of your Top Five favorite “meal” foods, what would be in the top 5? Mine would look something like this:

Veal parmigiana
Cheese burgers
Rueben sandwich (New York of course)

Focusing now on snack foods, as you are thinking about your list, here are mine:

Double stuffed vanilla Oreo cookies
Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia
Chocolate covered cherries

Looking at both of my lists, it is quite apparent that most of these items are pretty much NOT consistent with the SP dietary plan focus on high protein/high vegetable- carbs-low fruits-low fats. Yes, my list contains proteins (the burger meat, veal, corned beef) BUT I usually “dress” them up with lots of carbs with them, such as the bun and fries with the burger, the pasta with the veal, etc.

If your list is anything like mine, we can all see the dilemma for long term weight control: Our very “favorite” foods are the ones that are usually not compatible with our quest for successful weight control. So, how do we reconcile this?

The key here is not to deny ourselves of some (not all) of these derailing food sources but figure out how we can mitigate the “damages” from eating them. For example, having the veal parm with vegetables instead of the pasta or having the burger on ½ a bun and vegetables instead of fries, or having a few tablespoons of Ben and Jerrys instead of the entire container…these steps and similar ones will allow you to still partake of your favorite foods. However, putting thought and the right strategy into place will allow you to be successful in your weight control efforts yet not totally deny yourself of those favorite foods.

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