Football Season and your Weight Control Journey

For many of us, a very exciting time of year is here: the start of the football season. For those college fans, the games start this coming weekend and for the people mostly follow the NFL such as myself, the first real game kicks off in a little more than a week.

Whether you attend games in person, gather with friends to watch at home or enjoy the game alone, the football season often becomes a challenge during a weight control journey. “Tail-gating” in the parking lot at the stadium does not usually consist of protein and vegetables. Rather, the “usual” feeding frenzy consists of lots of alcohol, carbohydrates and sugar-rich desserts. Similarly, while watching the games at home, especially with friends/family, the “tail-gating” atmosphere is created at home with the accompanying food/drink sources.

The other point about watching the games and eating/drinking at the same time involves the “distracted eating” tendencies we all have. While intensely watching the game, feeling exhilaration when our team has good plays, despondent when poor plays occur, we often do not track just how many chips, cookies, beers we have eaten/drank.

Watching and enjoying the football games do not derail your weight control journey. However, succumbing to the “usual” assortment of food and drinks can.

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