Frozen Foods

Let’s get into the DeLorean, make certain there is enough gigawatts of energy for the flux capacitor, hit 88 miles per hour and go back to 1978. Find the first supermarket you can find, go in and head to the frozen section aisle.

What do you see? My bet is that there are plenty of cans of frozen concentrated orange juice (anyone out there still make their orange juice in the morning by emptying one of those cans and mixing with water???) and as far as “dinners”, Swanson “TV Dinners” were prominent. A few really bad tasting frozen pizzas were also available.

Back into the DeLorean, hit that 88 mph and come Back To The Future, almost 2019 and go down the frozen section aisle. Lots more than the Swanson TV dinners and cans of orange juice, right? There is an amazing array of frozen pizzas, with your choice of rising crust, deep dish, brick oven and others. Concerning “meals”, everything you can imagine from lasagna to Boston Market meals to PF Changs frozen offerings to breakfast foods such as egg bowls with bacon/sausage, etc etc.

For the very busy dual working family, it is quite tempting to reach for these, place them into our cart and then dinner becomes a several minutes in the microwave preparation. Yes, we sometimes make ourselves feel better by reaching for items labeled “Lean Cuisine”, “Dr. Atkins” and other more “healthy” frozen foods.

The bottom line is that processed foods are not greatly compatible for long term weight control. It is not coincidental that the tremendous rise in the obesity rates from 1978 to 30 years later has been accompanied by the proliferation of processed food offerings.

Fresh meal delivery services, although much more expensive, are a better choice for those pursuing a successful long term weight control journey. Try to stay away from that frozen section in the supermarkets.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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