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Does “healthy” eating equate to “boring” eating? Well, we all know that the equation to long-term weight control is: high protein/high vegetable-low fruit/low carbohydrate/low fat/low alcohol. One of the issues is that proteins and vegetables are not nearly as “fun” as those carbs/snacks/desserts/cocktails etc.

Well, at Serotonin-Plus we beg to differ and we are going to show you upfront and personal! On Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 10 AM until 2 PM, we are going to have the FIRST ANNUAL SEROTONIN-PLUS COOKOUT FOR HEALTH. The event will take place in front of our office (9289 Old Keene Mill Road, Burke, Virginia 22015) and inside a tent, scrumptious dishes will be prepared by our international culinary experts. (Okay, Arunee, Nataliya, Alicia, Stefani and Norma are not exactly trained international culinary experts but we do not exactly have the budget for Celebrity Chefs!) There will be Thai, Ukrainian, American and Filipino dishes prepared for your pleasure.

You do NOT want to miss this very special event. There will be GREAT food, music, a raffle for a FREE 6-week SP Program (value $750) and a whole lot of FUN. Place this date on your calendar, BRING FRIENDS and come join us for the festivities!

Healthy eating does NOT mean boring eating and we will prove it!

Dr. Robert Posner One of the world’s leading medical weight loss researchers, Robert Posner, MD, operates his state-of-the-art weight loss clinic, Serotonin Plus, in the heart of Burke, Virginia, in the suburban Washington area.

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