How Can Options Impact Weight Control?

Choosing between different paths/actions implies that there are options available. Sometimes, scenarios exist where there are no options. As an example, if you must have an income to pay your mortgage, household bills, your children’s schooling, etc., then when the alarm goes off at 530 am to get ready to go to work, you do not have the option of turning the alarm off and going back to sleep. If you do not have cable/satellite television/streaming services and only have an old antenna sitting on top of your Zenith television, your options of watching television are greatly diminished.

So, let’s now move the concept of “options” to your long-term weight control journey. If you have not gone food shopping and the only edible item for dinner in your home is a package of hot pockets in the freezer, your very limited options will have you either not eating dinner or microwaving that “thing” that is supposed to be a cheesesteak. If you do not prepare a lunch for work and the only choice is joining the group of people from work going to Taco Bell, then the only options are either skipping lunch or munching on whatever concoction they create that puts some questionable meat with cheese/sour cream and some tortilla or taco shell.

Increasing your options for Serotonin-Plus compatible meals involves planning. Given the hurried pace of life, time for planning is limited, but if you find yourself deciding what to eat for your meals/snacks at the very last minute, I would almost guarantee your options to make a healthy choice will be quite limited.

Choice is a different concept than “optioning”. During your weight control journey try to ensure that the SP-compatible options are available.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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Do Individual Differences Matter?

The individual differences in response find their basis in genetic and environmental reasons. However, there are other factors involved as well. Success in long term weight control may require different approaches for different people.