How Can You Avoid Gaining Weight During the Next 9 weeks?

The average weight gain in the United States during the Halloween through New Years period is 7.4 pounds. The reasons are obvious: Starting with the Halloween candy, then progressing to Thanksgiving gatherings, holiday parties and New Year’s celebration, this time period is chock full of alcohol and carbohydrates. The traditional meals and drinks are antithetical to the dietary plan recommended by the Serotonin-Plus program. The dilemma: How do we enjoy this festive time period and stay steadfast in our efforts to better health and happiness via weight control?

There clearly is no simple answer to this question. However, I implore everyone to keep at the forefront of the mind, the major reasons why weight control is so important. First and foremost is improved health. For us to enjoy many more holiday time periods, we must be healthy. The serious co-morbidities of poor weight control can rob us of being able to attend the functions and enjoy them. When you are with your children, grandchildren and other extended family members, look around and see that the derailing food sources are not a necessary part of the love and warmth.

From a more “details” aspect, start with NOT indulging in that Halloween candy that you bought to give out. Do NOT bring the “extra” candy into work..statistically 70% of your colleagues are overweight/obese so you are not doing anyone favors. Thanksgiving time, focus on all of those wonderful proteins that are offered up in the traditional fare and keep alcohol minimized as well as the array of carb dishes. And the Christmas through New Years time? Keep alcohol to a bare minimum.

Is any of the above easy? Of course not, but once again, learning to enjoy the love of family and gatherings while separating the inherent derailing food/drink sources is an important part of long-term success.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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