How Do You Get In That Extra Protein?

You have heard the constant refrain from the SP Team and me that the ingestion of large amount of “real protein” is paramount to your weight control success. What I mean by “real” protein: eggs, poultry, fish, seafood and red meat. What I am NOT referring to: protein shakes, bars and powders. Eating lots of protein and minimizing carbohydrates jacks up your metabolism and allows you to break down your body fat. Long-term weight control is not a simple matter of “calories in/calories out”, but rather, the intake of the right types of food groups, maximizing protein and vegetable intake.

In Phase One of the SP Plan we are asking people to eat between 14-18 protein exchanges a day. For most people entering our program, they are not eating even close to these amounts, especially females. Increasing the protein intake is one of the greatest challenges for our patients, as the medication/supplements we are providing decrease appetite.

Here are some suggestions for getting that “extra” protein in to reach the amounts we recommend:

add that extra hard boiled egg or two into your salad
when eating out, pay the extra few bucks (hey, we are talking $3 bucks at Boston Market for extra chicken and not $45 bucks for another Ruth Chris steak) to double the protein on the salad you are ordering
Consider a protein “appetizer” at home or when eating out such as a shrimp/carb cocktail instead of a soup or salad.
Snack on shaved, high quality turkey, chicken or roast beef from the deli.

Please feel free to send in your suggestions for adding additional protein:

Protein is your major “friend” during your long-term weight control journey. Find ways of increasing your ingestion of this food group.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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