How Does Your Weight Control Efforts Impact on Others?

Unless you live and work alone, there are others that will witness your weight control efforts. On the home front, I have had numerous patients tell me that one of their challenges is having to prepare one type of meal for the family and a different one for themselves. In the business environment, there are lunch and dinner meetings when a number of people are eating in the same room or restaurant table. Your family will see what you are eating and often, your co-workers/business associates will observe this as well.

Your efforts to successfully shed the weight will necessitate a high protein/low carb/low fruit/minimal alcohol intake approach. When others (family/friends/co-workers) see this, many will bring this observation up to the conversation. This most notably occurs in the work environment when many of your colleagues are munching on the sandwiches and cookies while you are taking the meat off the bread, not consuming those chips/cookies or you have taken out your Tupperware container housing your Phase 1 compatible salad and protein.

I realize that is sometime uncomfortable/awkward to stand out from others and be asked to explain what/why you are not eating the same as everyone else. The answer is pretty obvious: you are on a concerted/focused effort to control weight in for the multiple benefits that weight control will bring to you.

The impact on others? Not that you have any obligation to be a “Role Model”, but given the 70% overweight/obese prevalence in our population, there is a great chance others observing your efforts may be impacted in a very positive way. They, too, may consider doing something proactive to impact on their weight situation. I have found this to be true among spouses…when one spouse starts a weight control journey, the other spouse will start following a similar dietary plan.

So this becomes another ancillary positive byproduct of your successful weight control journey: You will impact others to follow your lead, and they too, will become healthier and happier because of it.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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