How Good Are Sugar-Free Desserts?

If you have ever been to a buffet restaurant dessert bar, there is usually a section entitled “sugar free”. On the surface, this seems to be a much healthier choice and the offerings seem delectable…pies, cakes etc.

Most sugar-free desserts contain an artificial sweetener, such as stevia or an alcohol based sugar. However, the amount of carbohydrates, fats and calories can be quite extensive. Unlike packaged desserts sold in stores that require nutritional labels delineated exactly how many carbs/fats/calories, the “sugar-free” desserts in a restaurant require no such disclosure.

During your long-term weight control journey there will be some “hype” thrown your way that may derail your efforts. One of these is “sugar free desserts”. Buyer beware: If something looks too good to be true it usually is not true. Opt for the no-calorie jello with 5 calorie whipped cream.

Dr. Robert Posner One of the world’s leading medical weight loss researchers, Robert Posner, MD, operates his state-of-the-art weight loss clinic, Serotonin Plus, in the heart of Burke, Virginia, in the suburban Washington area.

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