How High Is Weight Control on Your Priority List?

If I were to ask you to generate a list of the five top “priorities” in your life, what would that list contain? Although there may be some slight variations, I would bet that many people would place a number of similar priorities on their lists. For example, keeping/helping your children and loved ones safe/healthy would be at the top of most people’s lists. Then, there are items such as being healthy yourself, having a good job that allows you to pay the bills, setting yourself/family up for a comfortable retirement, etc etc.

Once you generate that list, then look at each item and see how your health and ability to keep working impacts on them. I would bet that you will find that having good/decent health will play a major role in fulfilling many items on your priority list.

I would also imagine that there are very few people that would have on their priority list such things as: snacking on high carb sources at night, having 2-3 glasses of wine at night or going to the dessert bar at the Golden Corral Buffet.

Clearly, having weight control on your “High Priority” list and then following through on what is needed for that weight control, will positively impact on a bunch of other things on that list. Make “YOU” a priority and by controlling your weight, you will be able to fulfill many of your other priorities.

Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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