How Important Is Body Composition?


Let’s take a look at a 24 year old running back in the NFL, 5 feet, 11 inches and 215 pounds.  The Body Mass Index (“BMI”) of that person is 30.0 Now, change the person to a 62 year old doctor, 5 feet 11 inches, 215 pounds.  The BMI is 30….the same as the football player.


Now, let’s have both men take off their shirts and compare:  Most likely the football player has 6-pack abs and muscles bulging everywhere as opposed to the doctor that has a large amount of fat in his abdomen and chest area.  If we placed both men on our Inbody composition scale, the football player is likely to have a percentage body fat of less than 10% whereas the doctor may well be in the 40-plus percent body fat.


Our bodies are composed of water, muscle, bone/cartilage, fat, hormones, gases, etc.  Having a low body fat percentage is much healthier from a cardiovascular standpoint. We should all strive to have a low percentage body fat.  How to get there? Well, the formula sounds simple to understand, yet challenging to follow: Dietary plans based on high protein/low carb/low fat and exercise to increase muscle mass.


During your long-term weight control journey it is important to monitor your body composition in addition to the weight alone.  PLEASE come out and visit us for your FREE monthly body scans. Knowing your body composition provides much more information as to how your approach is working.

Watch a Video How To Use SP BMI Machine

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