How to dress for your New You season this Spring 2019

When in the process of getting in desirable shape and weight, you are not always ready to show up your "New You" appearance until the final weight goal is reached. So, until then you may utilize a few tricks to show off the transition.
Here are a few wardrobe tips to maximize your "look":
An Oversized Button-Down

Pair an oversized button-down and fitted midi skirt with sneakers.


Pleated Midi Skirt

Nothing's chicer or as classic as a striped shirt and pleated midi skirt.


Leather Moto Jacket

This spring, seek out a leather moto jacket in a soft pastel—it looks so fresh.


casual spring outfit ideas for men 2

If you want to wear shorts, wear wide-fit cut shorts that sit just above the knee.

Something from the sportswear section.


casual spring outfit ideas for men 9

When the weather is warm and chilly at the same time, wear shorts and just roll up your sweaters a bit.

The style Essential you need that will fit your work and fun wardrobe, as you want to feel confortable in your own skin.. 


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The New Rule of wearing head-to-toe white this Spring 



Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian leave Kanye Wests Sunday church servicePictured Kanye WestRef...

White suits have been around forever, but there’s something special about the styles, which is the easy fit.


Layering Is Key

Since spring weather can be fickle, layering is the key way to make sure you're comfortable from the time you leave work and it's 55 degrees, to the time you go grab lunch and it's 75 out.

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Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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