Is Convenience Derailing?

A word that usually resonates well for all of us is “convenience”. The concept of convenience usually evokes feelings that something is “easy”, “close at hand” or “not requiring much effort”. A great example of a “convenient” place to pick up a single, needed food item would be a 7/11. If all that was needed was a carton of milk, it is much more convenient to park in front of the 7/11, head immediately to the small refrigerator section, and then the check out is less than 1 minute. That experience is LOTS more convenient than parking at the lot of the local Safeway/Giant/Shoppers Food, walking far back to the very large refrigerator area and then going through the much more prolonged check out process. Hence, stores like 7/11 are termed “Convenience Stores”.

Moving to meal/snack selections as we are moving along a weight control journey: It is LOTS more convenient to drive through a fast food place, go to the cafeteria at the work place pop a frozen store bought meal into a microwave or open up a package of cheese/peanut butter crackers as a snack. Preparing a breakfast of eggs, packing a lunch of 6 ounces of protein on a salad, cooking a dinner of protein/fresh vegetables and bringing some shaved turkey for daytime snacks is LOTS less convenient.

There are some things we can do to make it more convenient to follow the meal/snack plans necessary for weight control. For example, making those 12 hard boiled eggs while watching Game of Thrones on Sunday night allows you to have a SP-compatible breakfast (2 hard boiled eggs) all week with no time needed to prepare this each morning. Another example of how to make things a bit more convenient would be to grill up lots of extra protein during the weekend cook out so lunches will be easy to prepare that contain enough protein during the week.

Always remember that going to doctors/hospitals for medical problems, taking time off of work because of illness, having to pay lots for medications to treat weight related co-morbidities…all of these and more are not very “convenient”. Use “convenience” the correct way and in the big picture, there will be lots more time to enjoy life.

Dr. Robert Posner One of the world’s leading medical weight loss researchers, Robert Posner, MD, operates his state-of-the-art weight loss clinic, Serotonin Plus, in the heart of Burke, Virginia, in the suburban Washington area.

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