Snow Day...A Recipe for Weight Gain

I guess we could not get away from an entire winter without another weather event that closes things down. 
Students and teachers are very well as anyone else that gets a "free" day off. 
For others that had to travel or otherwise get around town and make things happen either personally or for their businesses, a very "UGH" situation.
Nevertheless, for all of us, the common issue: We are all stuck inside the house except for the brief periods of time that we will go outside to either shovel, clean cars off or play in the snow (although the sleet thing makes all of this quite ugly and not favorable for playing).
So, stuck in the house with Netflix, other streaming channels, a fireplace perhaps and depending on the age/number of other inhabitants of your domicile, either a calm "retreat" day or a manic, kids are fighting again, "get me outta this house" frenetic pulling my hair out day.
The description above sets the stage for a potentially VERY derailing weight control day:
Fill in your own bullet points. The bottom line is that the fridge and pantry will be calling you by your first name to enter those areas and eat/drink stuff that will NOT be compatible with your SP dietary plan. Do NOT let this scenario unfold. Use the extra home time to plan out the rest of the week from a dietary perspective. Get on that elliptical or treadmill you have in the basement and spend extra exercise time. Get out that slow cooker and make a phenomenal protein dish. Think of other great uses of your time that will HELP your quest to become healthier and happier via weight control.
Yes, today will be a challenge...but one you can take on and win.
Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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