Weather Effects On Eating and Drinking Behaviours

Similar to many of you, I have been watching carefully the development and approach of Hurricane Florence and its’ potential effects on our area. In our area of the mid-Atlantic, we are not frequently challenged with devastating weather events like other areas of the country. However, this time around, the amount of rain and wind holds high potential for many of us to experience power outages, flooded basements, etc.

During these types of events, the “usuals” that are sold out at grocery stores include milk, eggs, toilet paper and bread. However, my suspicion is that the inventory on the cookie aisle tends to run low as well.

Being cooped up in the house during harsh weather will often lead to deleterious eating and/or drinking behaviors. There are several reasons for this including the boredom of not being able to leave the house as well as the stress reduction of an immediate gratification act: eating/crunching on high-caloric foods and snacks.

Try to convert the “extra” home time to more exercise, planning meals for the days in advance, cooking up some extra protein dishes for the rest of the week etc. Turn the time into positive “weight control usage” as opposed to causing the scale to go up.

“Weather” the storm and do not allow yourself to have your weight control efforts sunk for the week.

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