Weight Control and Feeling Good

What makes YOU “feel good”? Well, if you an Eagles fan I know you feel great. Aside from seeing your favorite sports teams perform well and win championships, many things make people “feel good”: The list is much too long but some of the things common to most include seeing your family members do well, successfully accomplishing something (and being recognized for this) at work, going to a fun vacation spot, getting a massage or other spa treatment…and keep adding to this list.

Let’s talk the consummation of food and beverages. What tends to “feel good”? Well, clearly a hot fudge sundae tends to “feel good” whereas consuming some leaves of lettuce does not feel good. For many, a really good Pina Colada tends to “feel good” whereas a glass of water does not have the same “feel good” result.

One of the issues that makes weight control very difficult is that there is not too much “feel good” about a high protein/high vegetable-low carb/low fruit/low fat dietary intake. On the immediate gratification side of things, the structured meal plan needed for weight control does not “feel good”.

Weight control provides LOTS of “feel good”, such as actually feeling more energy, less pain, obviating side effects of the medications being used to treat the co-morbidities , fitting into those beautiful clothes, looking younger, etc. Those and more are really “feel good” in nature but they take time to be realized.

I believe it was Weight Watchers that coined the expression: “No food tastes as good as the weight loss feels”. Stay steadfast in your weight control efforts…The results will be “Feel Good” beyond your expectations.

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