Weight Control and Substitutes

For those movie fans out there, one of the more memorable scenes ever took place between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the movie, "When Harry Met Sally"...the restaurant scene...if you have seen the movie, you will remember that scene for sure. 
("I'll have what she is having").  Aside from that hilarious scene,  the male character in the movie was constantly chiding his gal about how "high maintenance" she is in restaurants.
During your long term weight control efforts please do not feel "high maintenance" by asking the staff to alter the dishes and accompaniments being offered up on the menu.  The steak can be provided with no sauce on top, double vegetables instead of the potato and the salad can come without croutons or dressing on top.  
For a slight up-charge, a salad can be ordered accompanying the burger (without the bun) instead of the french fries or onion rings.  
A fish dish with some sort of cream sauce can be requested to be prepared with the sauce on the side or no sauce at all.


Going out to eat should not be stopped because you are on a long term weight control effort.  However, be proactive in ensuring that the meals you order are as compatible as possible with high protein/high vegetable-low carb/low fat/low fruit.
Nataliya P Serotonin-Plus Counselor

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