What’s Nu?

My grandparents were immigrants from Poland and Russia. When they came to the United States via Ellis Island they did not speak a lick of English. Their native language was Yiddish. They all worked incredibly hard in the garment center of New York City, made little money, but becoming citizens of the United States was of paramount importance. They studied English at night, passed the tests and became very proud Americans. However, coming to the U.S. as young adults, their accents persisted for decades. Often, when they would see my brothers and me, their first line was “Nu”? It took me years to figure out they were not asking me “what is new?”, but rather, the Yiddish word “Nu’ is the English equivalent of “well” or “so”.

The above paragraph has nothing to do with weight control, but I just had to share that story because as we approach our 30th Practice Anniversary celebration ( Remember: May 17, 530-8 pm at the office..BIG party and please come!!!) I am incredibly thankful to my grandparents for taking the risk of leaving their native countries, coming to the U.S. and allowing me pursue my dreams.

Back to “New”: Most of us embrace the concept of ‘New”. We like NEW clothes, cars, episodes of Game of Thrones, houses etc. Many weight control companies (including ours) often advertise with the theme of ‘The NEW You”. This works off the concept that many people are not happy with the “old” you. This does not reference age but more so the current state of your health/look etc. With 70% of our population being overweight/obese, there is a great chance that people will embrace a new version of themselves as opposed to the current/old version.

Successful long-term weight control brings lots of “New” and it is almost always the good type of new. From the new, more stylish clothes, to the new, younger look, to the new-found energy to a new state of not having as much joint pain, to a newer/improved sleeping…lots of GREAT “New” stuff..

Nu? Are you ready for the “New You”?

How to dress for your New You season this Spring 2019

Spring is technically here. And with warmer days ahead, it is important to plan our wardrobe: Putting together cute spring outfits can honestly be a little tricky. How to look your best and compatible with your weight control efforts?

Dr. Robert Posner One of the world’s leading medical weight loss researchers, Robert Posner, MD, operates his state-of-the-art weight loss clinic, Serotonin Plus, in the heart of Burke, Virginia, in the suburban Washington area.

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“THANK YOU”, and “L’Chaim”.

Although this will probably be posted at some later date, I am writing this entry on the morning of our 30th medical practice anniversary event. I want to raise my glass and say “THANK YOU”, and “L’Chaim”.

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The individual differences in response find their basis in genetic and environmental reasons. However, there are other factors involved as well. Success in long term weight control may require different approaches for different people.