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Weight Loss and Not "Dieting""


A "Diet":  This implies, for most, a "start" date and an "end" date, and in between, people sort of know what to do:  eat less, especially carbs...exercise more...avoid snacks...cut back on booze, etc.  One of two outcomes will occur:  the person either loses the weight he/she want to lose or become frustrated because the weight is not coming off quick enough. Both of those lead to the same final common pathway: The "Diet" is over.   

And, that is a fun thought, because there is nothing fun about "dieting".  Lots of sacrifice, deprivation and punishment.  Much more fun to go back to the old eating/drinking behaviors. 

The above scenario accounts for the reason why most people lose weight, gain it back and start the same cycle over and over again...and with each advancing year, the "loss" part of this becomes more difficult because of a slowing metabolism.

To lose weight and keep it off...this requires behavioral modification and life style changing.  These are MUCH more difficult than "dieting" because they both imply a long term, never-ending change in eating/drinking patterns.  If your goal (and it should be) is to lose weight and keep it off, the concept of "dieting" needs to be stricken in favor of embracing the concept of long term behavioral modification.

Shameless self-promotion:  The new edition of my book, The Serotonin Solution to Never "Dieting" Again is hot off the presses and some copies are in my office.  I am bringing most to a book signing event at the Nutraceutical Conference I am speaking at in Rome next week (wow...this sure does sound too much like I am tooting my own horn!) but I have some in the office if any of our patients wanted to have a copy.  

Stop by and pick one up...not exactly as interesting as a James Patterson novel, but much easier to get a signed copy!!!

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