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You might think fast weight loss isn’t realistic, but it can be. It’s not something you should do on your own though. Losing too much weight too quickly can be dangerous. This is why you should go through a medical weight loss plan, like the one offered by Robert Posner, MD, at Serotonin Plus in Burke, Virginia. His customized weight loss plans will help you drop those unwanted pounds quickly and safely, so you can start having the body you deserve.

Fast weight loss Q & A

Is it safe to lose weight fast?

You’ll be under the guidance of weight loss expert Dr. Posner. Every option he provides is safe and effective. In the beginning of your weight loss plan, it’s normal to shed pounds quickly. This can happen just by changing your eating habits or by starting an exercise regimen.

Some of the weight you lose initially is water weight, not fat. Decreasing your sodium intake and cutting back some on carbohydrates are a couple ways you can get rid of fluid retention in your body. Dr. Posner may also provide you with water pills to further help you flush out excess fluid.

While you will continue losing weight throughout your journey, it won’t always come off as quickly as in the beginning. You’ll have to start working out harder and building more lean muscle mass as you get closer to your end goal.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Initially, you can lose about three to five pounds per week. If you’re really overweight, making healthful dietary changes might help you lose even more. As you continue working on your weight loss, you’ll get to a more steady drop of about a pound or two per week.

Don’t get discouraged if a few weeks go by and you lose just a couple of pounds each week. Those couple of pounds add up quickly — almost 10 pounds a month!

Will I feel hungry because I am not eating as much?

You might go through a short adjustment period while your body starts getting used to your new diet. Dr. Posner can help you control any hunger issues you might have in the beginning. He can prescribe strong appetite suppressants, like phentermine, to help minimize your urge to eat too much.

He’ll also get you squared away with a diet plan. While you’ll probably be consuming fewer calories from food than you were before you started your plan, you won’t be starving yourself. Getting enough nutrients, especially protein, vitamins, and minerals, is essential for continuing to lose weight in a health manner.

If you start depriving yourself or cutting back too much, your body can burn up lean muscle mass for fuel — something you don’t want to happen. Dr. Posner will teach you which foods to eat to satisfy your hunger, and you’ll learn how often you should be eating. You should never feel starved or overly hungry while you’re working to lose weight.

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