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Your primary care physician is your go-to person for keeping tabs on your overall health. When your PCP is also an internal medicine doctor, you can feel confident that your provider has extensive training in diagnosing and treating many health issues. As an internist, Robert Posner, MD, founder of Serotonin Plus, is dedicated to caring for you from head to toe. Dr. Posner is currently accepting new patients in Burke, Virginia, and surrounding towns.

Internal Medicine Q & A

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What is an internal medicine doctor?

An internal medicine doctor, also called an internist, has extensive training in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases. Dr. Posner went a step further after becoming an internist. He went through rigorous continuing education to earn his diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine certification. This prestigious certification is only awarded to internal medicine physicians who continue their education and training while in practice.

Why would I want to see an internal medicine doctor?

Generally when you’re under the care of an internist, you won’t need to see any other types of doctors for routine care. Internal medicine physicians, like Dr. Posner, are highly trained at diagnosing even the most complex of health issues.

During your visit, Dr. Posner will gather information about your current health, past health, and family medical history. This is also your time to let him know about any symptoms you’re having that you’re concerned about.

It’s typical for Dr. Posner to order some basic lab work, especially if you’re just getting set up as a new patient. He might order some additional tests if he needs further clarification with any diagnosis.

Once Dr. Posner diagnoses medical issues — if any at all — he’ll be the one treating you. Or if you have a chronic health condition, like diabetes or high cholesterol, Dr. Posner will teach you how to manage it and prescribe any medications you need.

Do I really need to get established with a primary care physician?

Yes! Your primary care physician is an essential partner in your efforts to stay healthy. Even if you never get sick, you still need to see your PCP about once a year, just to have some screenings done.

Some chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, don’t really have any symptoms. So you might not know you have a problem until something goes seriously wrong. This is where your PCP comes into play, particularly an internist. Dr. Posner conducts routine screenings at your annual visits, orders your labs, then treats you.

Not only will you have a home base with a single provider, all of your medical records will be at one convenient location. Plus, you have someone to call in case you do get sick or have an urgent medical concern.