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If you have a rough day at the office, you may treat yourself to an indulgent snack or favorite comfort food. But if stress eating becomes your norm, it’s time to see a doctor. Weight loss expert Robert Posner, MD, can help you get to the root of your stress eating and teach you how to develop healthier behaviors. His practice, Serotonin Plus in Burke, Virginia, is your go-to facility for medical weight loss treatment. Their supportive team will help you eliminate your stress eating habits, which will allow you to start losing weight right away.

Stress Eating Q & A

What causes me to binge when I am stressed?

Food is linked to so many positive milestones in life. Think about it: You get cake on your birthday. You probably go out and celebrate at a restaurant after a promotion. Don’t forget about the holidays either. When you spend time around the table with your loved ones, you’re eating. It’s no wonder that when you need some solace and comfort in your life, you turn to food.

Some people forget to eat entirely when they’re stressed. Others go overboard and start binging. You might do either one, depending on what’s bothering you. Food is a distraction, taking away whatever stressors you’re faced with during the day, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Sometimes stress eating is purely habit. You know it’s tough to meet Friday deadlines every week, so you just get into a habit of going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite comfort food on Friday nights.

Why is stress eating such a concern?

For starters, if you overeat, you’ll probably gain weight. Even if you’re one of those lucky few who can eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce, bad fats, excess sodium, or too much sugar can all lead to other health problems.

Aside from the obvious health concerns, when you overeat, you probably feel guilty about it. This can leave you feeling bad and cause you to give up on your weight loss efforts — what’s the point? To comfort yourself, you start stress eating again. The cycle continues until you see a doctor and start learning to train your brain to approach stress differently.

Can Dr. Posner help me control stress eating?

Yes! He’ll sit down and talk with you to determine what’s triggering your stress eating. Whether it’s work, home life, medical issues, poor body image, or another problem that’s stressing you out, Dr. Posner is an expert at figuring out eating patterns.

He’ll give you tips to distract you from those binge periods. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding another short activity to do — even a chore at home — to distract you from thinking about food. Something as simple as drinking a full glass of water before sitting down to eat makes you feel full, so you don’t eat as much. Dr. Posner can even prescribe appetite suppressants to curb your hunger pangs.

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